iWatt – unique virtual sport event & user engagement platform in Slovakia, where users generate positive energy…

ready made with thousands registered users & sport clubs
quarantine free our users and engagement are growing
digital connecting active users anywhere, anytime
multi-partner fast to market, category exclusivity
sport tracker / phone OS agnostic uniting all users
indoor / outdoor sports from yoga and walking to skiing

…provides place to continue your marketing / PR activities in digital world despite current restrictions


registered users


sport clubs


users engage daily

Virtual sport challenges / partner badges

partner defines activity / challenge to be fulfilled
iWatt converts different type of sport activities (indoor / outdoor) into common “energy units” – iWatts
. . . therefore everyone can participate in the challenge independent of sport they do
iWatts are measured for each user activity, i.e. generated energy, in the defined time period
iWatt can display real-time user performance / or selected aggregated / data challenge ledger (optional)
users meeting criteria of given challenge are awarded with given badge (branded by partner) to their profile
. . . . or we can unlock selected “badge holder only” offers of the partner in energy store
badge management can be used to stimulate future user behavior defined by partner
iWatt helps partner to define badge (segmentation) criteria to foster business targets

Virtual sport events

all features of Virtual sport challenges / partner badges
users can compete against each other in different locations on comparable race tracks (like they would take part in physical event in one location and one time)
iWatt records race tracks with GPS co-ordinates / assures compatibility of track profiles etc.
iWatt helps to align offline communication (on site) & marketing with online
user performance is verified based on multiple criteria to prevent fraud
user performance can be validated against pro sport trackers such as strava, garmin etc.
special race section / race ledgers dedicated on iwatt.sk to display race performance
partner has access to racing community (CSR or marketing) with personalized communication in iWatt standard digital channels, possibly repeating virtual sport events regularly in future

Virtual sport leagues

sport leagues are ledgers representing 1:1 copy to real league teams in respective sports
league ranking is based on members, athletes & club fans activity that is represented in energy transferred to the account of the sport club participating in the league
ranking of the club is linked to “engagement” of club fan community, i.e. amount of generated iWatts
ledger offers new way to help clubs stay connected with fans and supporters
eLeagues will be offered to sponsors to work with fan community, possibly extending traditional sponsorship to digital
iWatt uniquely offers clubs to communicate with their members and fans
iWatt can provide additional tools and resources for eLegaue clubs in the dedicated club section to further foster their communication with supporter base or promote sponsor / partner of the digital league

Digital ambassadors

sync iWatt app with their trackers
make their account public to motivate others
provide activity benchmark for everyone
fan base activation / make it fun
promote specific sport category
optionally category sponsored by partner

Virtual olympics challenge 2020

sport leagues are ledgers representing 1:1 copy to real league teams in respective sports
iWatt will open dedicated ledgers for selected Olympic sports (e.g. cycling)
each sport will get it’sambassador (e.g. Sagan) with publicly shared iWatt account (battery)
fans (users) continue to support clubs by transferring iWatts to their “cycling” club
by sending iWatts to the club, they support their ambassador / compete against other ambassadors
users can also compare their iWatt account with ambassador’s account
optionally – ledger can be sponsored by partner (e.g. Skoda for cycling)

Beyond sport

not limiting to sport clubs only
positive energy helping schools, health, public projects
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