Keep your employees fit, engaged and full of positive energy

iWatt Fit Corporate Health programme is build on publicly available engagement platform with nearly 100 000 downloads - it's robust, secure and continuosly seeks to improve work-life balance.

Get them Get Up From The Chairs

set daily activity goals and reward hitting the target
  • employee with iWatt app records his physical activity - every movement counts (from walking, running to indoor yoga)
    regular activities are preferred – amateurs and pros have the same chance to hit the target
    no third party sporttracker or smartwatch needed
    brings positive mood to internal communication
    employee is happy and rewarded for effort
    new employee benefits for homeoffice era

Fire the team spirit

reconnect your teams, make up for loss of social contact
  • we unite individually in virtual Team competition
    joint efforts are measured and displayed in real time
    combine activities and set rules where every activity and step counts to make everyone feel part of the game
    It is is not about few semi-pro athletes… No one is left behind..
    reconnect with your mates in digital
    help your team to succeed while having fun
    create virtual teams cross company or country to boost competition or specific purpose

Get them involved beyond fitness

let your employees be heard… voting, charity, reaching common goals with their earned energy
  • It’s is not always about sport… Don't forget about Education, Obesity, Healthcare, Nature
    use positive energy currency to express opinion and show support
    connect energy coins with your strategic priorities and CSR projects
    barriers of entry has been removed, so that even walking the dog creates energy to be heard

Reconnect with customers

share your passion, bring emotions into commercial relationship
  • every user can influence and see result in real time
    building on positive energy topic as base for long term relationship management
    employees can share their positive energy with your existing and future clients
    connecting custommers and employees thru common goal


bring positive energy to your company and help to spread it further

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